Pugs and I went on a staycation at Fort Canning Hotel recently (review to follow in due course), and one evening we trekked down to The Fabulous Bakerboy to check it out. To our surprise, it wasn’t crowded (the last time i attempted to go to the Fabulous Bakerboy was maybe 3 years ago one weekend afternoon and there was no way I could get a seat).

once entering, we were greeted by this centrepiece of cake displays and i was most pleased after walking downhill for about 20 minutes. it’s all worth it, i thought to myself.


I had to plonk my butt at the table below a chocolate cake recipe hehe.

unfortunately, the good things kinda ended there…

we shared this iced mocha, which was alright… nth particularly good or bad about it.

Pugs had this prawn pasta that I refused to try because it was drenched in cheese shavings (if you don’t already know, I’m not a fan of cheese…). He found the pasta passable and made fresh, but left 1/3 of it there not wanting to waste his calories (we were hoping that the cakes would be good given that the mains were quite meh.)

I had the steak which was… I dunno. meh. I think aston’s does a better job with their more premium steaks…

I’m quite a fan of escargots, which are not that readily available in singapore so i generally take the chance to order it when it’s on the menu. I’ve had much better escargot and garlic toppings elsewhere, but it was okay i guess. Kinda like the pasta – we had high hopes but what came was … at best okay only.

I told Pugs, never mind, i’m sure the cakes will be good! they are after all a cake place… bakerboy.

This was some hazelnut chocolate cake (nutty monkey i believe) – which was… okay… edible i guess. far from fantastic. would rather eat cake from hans… 😦

this was a gula melaka pandan cake, which was decidedly not good. it was so dense i chewed and chewed the first bite i took, and left the rest.

and the meal was not cheap too.. more than $100 between two of us, for food that we felt was really not worth it.

I must say though that the service was not bad. We ordered some mains+cake set which came with a soft drink that we didn’t want (but it was still cheaper to get the set than order the main plus side separately), and they packed our drinks into a plastic bag for us to take away with us.

I don’t think I will be heading back anytime soon (and i guess the hype has died down too since the crowds seem to have fizzled out).

OM NOM maybe.