Over Christmas, we wanted to avoid the crowd and being forced to eat Christmas menu food (especially after our experience at Salt Tapas & Bar…. we came to the conclusion that chinatown was least likely to have a crowd and so we headed there.

After walking around the basement, we settled on WA Cafe, which turned out to be a most pleasant experience.

We had the drip coffee (because Pugs wanted to take a photo of the… flask…)

It was a good choice because we could not only take a pretty photo, and Pugs had the novelty of pouring coffee out of that device, the coffee was also quite good.

Mentaiko pasta with an additional egg. This was very good – it wasn’t quite as thick and strong as other mentaiko pastas we’ve had, but it was nice and light and very enjoyable. The pasta was also fresh and handmade, which is quite rare in singapore for restaurants of this ‘range’ (i.e. not a high end italian restaurant) and so we were most pleased with this.

and a close up shot. noms.

matcha ogura toast – this was good too. It was humongous. The icecream and red bean, plus the nice crispy crust of the toast was a nice blend and mix. It was a bit sweet, but not overpoweringly so.

cinnamon banana toast. Pugs liked this but because in addition to banana and cinnamon, it was also coated in a layer of cheese (sigh). He says it was good too though! (although as part of his diet he left half the bread behind after chomping off the cinnamon coated bananas)

The service was a bit slow and we were convinced that they had forgotten about our toast, but we werent in a hurry, it was nice and quiet and empty and so we didn’t mind. There’s also free wifi and power outlets at every table and so it would be a nice place to work.

OM NOM NOM Nom (extra Nom for the nice environment, no queue, and the peace it accorded us on a public holiday hehe).