Pugs has been wanting to bring me here for some time, and so before checking in for our staycation at Fort Canning Hotel (which Pugs will blog about [hinthint]), we went to Liang Court to have this finally. He touts this as reasonably priced but very good sashimi. And he wasn’t wrong – we were most pleased with our meal. The following will just be a series of photos to show what we ate because I think the pictures speak for themselves. Look at the fresh and large slices of sashimi and sushi. noms.

In addition to all that, we also ordered a chirashi don, once again the photos of which are self explanatory.

This isn’t quite the standard of say, aoki, but is more reasonably priced and a place we don’t have to save for a particularly special occasion/treat. whee. (not to say it’s cheap, we spent about $120 for two persons, including tea and towels and service charge etc.. which is definitely not cheap and not an everyday place… but it’s also not shinji/aoki sort of high end – of course, the service and presentation and everything else is not high end here either hehe. i guess you pay for what you get). It would have been cheaper if we had stuck to the chiraishi don + sushi i think, instead of getting the sashimi platter.

[Im hungry now 😦 i really shouldn’t do these blog posts before lunch…]