Pugs and I have been wanting to go to BritisHainan for a while because the reviews we read suggested that it was interesting, unique, nostalgic and like a museum. Unfortunately, it is only open for dinner most days from 6pm to 10pm, with lunch only available on fri and saturday between 12 and 3pm. We don’t generally eat lunch so early on weekends (mostly cos i don’t wake up so early…) so we never managed to go to this restaurant until very recently.

We were a bit stunned when we entered the restaurant – it was really cluttered and messy, piled high everywhere with antiques and decorative items and other things – I suppose this is part of the charm of the place, but honestly, it was a bit too messy for us – the things seemed to be just… thrown all together and there was no order or semblance of art or aesthetic sense. (ocd us…)

The service was very very slow – it seemed like they only cook one dish at a time (which i suppose again, is in line with what they advertise of a home kitchen and feeling like you’re eating at home…) but having said that, the food was (to our surprise) of quite respectable standards. The young lady who took our order came to us about 20 min after we ordered to ask us whether we had ordered our food… which left us rather disturbed and worried about whether we will actually get our dinner… but she looked so blur and like a part time student/daughter of the owner/whoever that we just left it. we were not in a hurry anyway and were quite okay with waiting and looking around. Our food did eventually arrive.

grilled chicken – not bad. quite tasty and tender.

baby back ribs. These were good too, tasted much better than it looked.

complimentary mango pudding dessert. This was okkay.

I was honestly quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. I guess to open the family restaurant, the owners are good chefs to begin with.

I personally consider this one of those places that is worth checking out once… but i’m not sure if i will be going back… should go once though! their collection is extensive and actually quite interesting. and it really does feel like you’re stepping back in time into a family home.