On the way home from work, my friends and I headed to Sin Hoi Sai Eating House along East Coast Road for tzechar.

Seafood horfun – this was a bit starchy and chewy, but it was alright. There was a decent amount of seafood as well.

sweet and sour pork – this was actually quite good and tasty. noms.

crab meat tofu – this was the worst of the lot 😦 the tofu was a bit sour and didn’t taste very fresh, it wasn’t fried very well (like… chewy and stale…) and the sauce was a bit too… starchy for me… but at least the sauce and crab meat went quite nicely with the plain rice. hurhur.

stir fried doumiao. This was not bad, a bit oily but okay lah. tzechar places are generally like that with their vege. hurhur.

It was in all a pleasant enough post-work meal and we went home quite happy. OM NOM Nom.