Pugs reminded me that we have a backlog hurhur.

&sons is one of the places i’ve been meaning to try because they also have entertainer offers. so one day, i hopped down with my colleagues to try out their set lunch, which was honestly quite worthwhile (although the lunch sets meant we could not use the app offers).

salmon escalopes with mushrooms – for $12.90, this was very worth it. as can be seen, there was a substantial piece of salmon and everything was quite nice and tasty. i even ate up the mushrooms (and i don’t normally eat mushrooms) and the potatoes were nice and crispy on the outside and nicely salted. noms.

spaghetini with fresh prawns aop. up till now i still don’t know what aop means. this was $11.90 and look at the amount of prawns we got. it was nicely made too.

Because lunch was so affordable for the airconditioned comfort in the middle of the cbd, we ordered an extra tiramisu to top it off 🙂

this was alright, not really one of the better tiramisus i’ve had, but passable i guess.

You can see in the background that we also had coffee, which was decent (read: normal and didnt warrant a photo…).

Would go back for lunch. It’s also a nice place to bring new colleagues or if we wanted to eat out and not at a hawker centre. compared with the rather expensive food courts in the area, the lunch here is very reasonably priced.

Hopefully i will drag Pugs back here for dinner soon too!