Jalan Besar, the hipster neighbourhood 😛

After our adventure to Bao Makers, Pugs and I made another trip down to Jalan Besar to check out Two Bakers a few doors down.

look at the wonderful display of cakes. i was most excited.

one page of the menu. ir eally wanted to try the all day brunch. unfortunately, because we were using Entertainer, we could only order from the main course menu 😦

truffle soba (S$15.80). This was served cold, with a mushroom and a nice egg. It was not bad, and most importantly, Pugs was very proud of himself for ordering a healthy meal. hehe.

sambal prawn risotto (also S$15.80). this was a bit too cheesy for me 😦 but buried under the risotto were four large juicy prawns.

iced long black.

flat white.

if only the entertainer offers extended to other things on the menu, i would definitely go back again. oh well. it’s a nice chill place though, to hang out for the afternoon.