Kway Chap is a local Singapore teochew dish of flat rice sheets (kway) in a soup made with dark soy sauce (chap)… usually served with pig innards, and lots of other braised dishes (e.g. pork, duck, beancurd, fishcake, eggs, etc).

I don’t really eat pig innards, but i like kway. so one morning while we were in the car driving to nowhere looking for a breakfast place, i happened to read a review of this place, supposedly with very good fried pig innards. Pugs eats fried pig innards and i was happy to give this a try. Plus, Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee was a few stalls down and so we decided (being gluttony us) that we could try both places at the same time. hehe.

Housed in a coffeeshop along Macpherson Road.

the bowl of smooth kway. The kway here is a bit thicker and chewier than the regular kways we have elsewhere, and so it was quite interesting. I prefer this texture but I think Pugs prefers the normal smooth thin kways.

the fried pig innards. This tasted surprisingly like suckling pig and was good. It didn’t have the strong innards taste, was clean and crispy. noms. the pineapples were a nice touch to ‘neutralise’ the oiliness.

we told the owner that we will have an assortment of dishes for two people, with everything other than innards. This was more than we expected, but i guess we should have been more explicit if we wanted less. This plate of various items were normal, nothing to shout about, and not something we would come back for.

This place does have it’s own draw, with the fried innards (which are not available at most places) and the slightly different kway texture and soup, but i don’t think we’ll be heading back in a hurry unless we were really in the area and hungry.