Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King has become one of our favourite places at Parkway to visit.

once you enter, you are greeted by loud and cheery japanese greetings and a big ‘lantern’ centrepiece.

after you get a seat, you are supplied with a free flow supply of free hard boiled eggs and beansprouts. i love the hard boiled eggs with mayo, which we unfortunately didn’t take a photo of, but here are the most appetising beansprouts.

noms. we each had a huge pile (and then got hungrier after that cos it was so 开胃).

while we stuffed our faces with beansprouts, Pugs busied himself with the order sheet. I love the ability to customise your food. hehe. and how i can ask for no black fungus and bamboo shoots easily without being worried that the waiter will forget and i still get black fungus in my ramen, which happens all the time.

While Pugs pondered over the menu, I got distracted and started grinding my sesame seeds. whee. it was a most therapeutic 5 minutes of my life haha.

first came the gyozas, which tasted much better than they look. the skin was nicely crisp, and when you bit into the gyozas, they reminded me of xiaolongbaos. noms.

Pugs had the Nebuta ramen, which he declared was great. He liked how the fish stock balanced out the thick pork broth. He slurped alot.

meanwhile, I was as happily slurping my Awaodori (although Pugs had to remind me that I was having three eggs in that meal alone…) – i liked the pork sukiyaki alot and while the soup looked and felt thick, it didn’t taste thick or overpoweringly strong. I enjoyed it very much.

So we’ll definitely be back. much.

Im not sure where this ranks on Pugs’ list of ramen places, or where it compares with Ramen Matsuri. Personally, I enjoyed my Maze ramen at Matsuri a bit more but it wouldn’t be quite fair to make a comparison between dry and soup ramen. And Ramen Keisuke has all these add ons (beansprouts and eggssss) which make the dining experience that bit more pleasant and enjoyable.