Dstllry has been showing up on my facebook feed much, and Pugs was at NUS one day for a meeting, and so I suggested lunching at Dstllry.

We were greeted by an exhibition-like area that Pugs did not believe was the entrance to the restaurant.

interesting, yea. it was undecorated and nofrills.

After the brightly lit area came this dark bar that was, to Pugs’ surprise, quite crowded. luckily for us, there was no queue and we quickly got seated at the bar counter.

more photos of the interior.

and we had a wonderful view of the bar – all the food appeared to be prepared here, and it was just a very pleasant and relaxing sight, to stare at bottles of alcohol while the staff went about the very simple and clean processes of preparing our meal.

fried lotus chips – the menu was quite limited, but i had read online that we could ask for fried lotus chips that are supposed to be quite good, and so we did. The couple sitting across from us were most envious, and called the waiter over to demand to know whether there were items that are not on the menu but available, and why this was not made known to them. hurhur. These lotus chips were yums, and accompanied with truffle mayo sauce, which made everything even more yums.

so pssst. ask for the fried lotus chips!

this was a complimentary appetiser, that we both assumed was prawn or salmon mayo or something, but to our surprise, it was eggs (and egg white i think, to be precise). It was good, but i don’t quite know how to describe its taste. creamy and satisfying, but light at the same time.

salmon belly don – this was not bad. ([psa] the wasabi is very strong. . .) the thick slabs of salmon were fresh and nicely scorched, but it was nothing compared with the bara chirashi don.

bara chirashi don. This was very good – it was thick fat slabs of sashimi, drizzled in nice sauce, and everything about it was just very enjoyable.

For S$16.90 each, I must say that this is affordable and good. My only complaint was that i was still hungry after lunch :/ but that may be the reason why i’m clearly growing fat much. So we hopped over to Revolution Coffee immediately after, but to be fair, we had no complaints about the size of the sashimi/salmon servings. we are probably just big eaters and they cater to lunchtime crowds who don’t want a carb overload.