Immediately after visiting Dstllry, we hopped next door to Revolution Coffee, decked out in tiny stools and crates for tables.

After realising that they actually served food (not just pastries and coffee), we decided that we would visit this place again soon. However, because we just had lunch, we settled for a coffee each, and truffle fries.

Unfortunately, i requested for no cheese on the truffle fries, and somehow they took that to mean no truffle too 😦 so we ended up with regular fries. BUT, the garlic sauce by the side was so wonderful, i kept eating the fries just so i could eat more of the sauce. We also asked for a second plate of sauce after wiping the first one clean, and we could hear them preparing it in the kitchen fresh. noms. It was finely chopped crunchy garlic mixed with some mayo or something. Very very good.

long black for Pugs and flat white for me (because Pugs is on a rather strict diet, though one would never be able to tell from the large bucket of fries…)

Coffees were okay, not bad.

will definitely be back when in the area! (unfortunately not in the west very much…)