On some days, I feel like an old woman who hasn’t gone to town in years. Last weekend, I needed to get some supplies from ArtFriend, and headed to Plaza Singapura in search of these supplies. After shopping (and spending alot of money at Artfriend [boo]), I was starving and proceeded to hunt for food. To my surprise, I stumbled upon a new restaurant at the basement of Plaza Singapura, selling HK wonton noodles. (don’t ask me what it replaced… I have no idea). Upon closer inspection, I realised that it was opened by the same group that owns Itacho, and since these brands all come from HK, i figured the HK wonton noodle must be quite legit, and so I decided to give it a shot.

dry wonton noodles – presumably, their signature dish. I liked this quite alot, the noodles were not bad (though not as good as some i’ve tried in HK, but definitely one of the better ones i’ve had in Singapore), although a little too salty. They feature a sort of open kitchen (glass panels) and so you can see the chefs inside rather expertly tossing the noodles. noms.

and a more close up view because i was most enamoured by the gold inscribed chopsticks. how traditional hehe.

pig trotters noodles – soaked in the 南乳 sauce (i have no idea what that is in english…) the noodles tasted a bit too heavy (and lost some of the original noodle taste), and the pig trotters were acceptable but not fantastic. probably would stick to their normal wonton and dumpling noodles next time.

I will be back – it’s affordable and easy for a comfortable quick meal. and the food was honestly better than i expected (not that i had particularly high expectations, but yes).