On our way to Ikea one day, I dragged Pugs to the new Alexandra Central Mall to check out The Bakehouse by Carpenter&Cook. We had a very contrived conversation in the car that almost erupted in a mini argument, that went like that –
Pugs: where is this place you want to go?
Me: Alexandra Central
Pugs: yes okay, so where is it?
Me: Alexandra Central! Next to IKEA!
Pugs: YES! but where in Alexandra Central?
Me: huh? I dunno? We’ll see when we get there? I’m sure we will find it?

At this point, Pugs decided to take things in his own hands and google for himself and went, oohhhhhh Alexandra Central MALL.

right. so anyway, we managed to find our way to Alexandra Central MALL, after having parked at ikea and trudging over (ok, trudging is an exaggeration.)

ooh! i squealed excitedly, this place looks promising!

There’s even a base clarinet on the wall!

and there’s all sort of cute decorations and items sitting around 🙂

Pugs stood in front of this for a while and proceeding to poke at buttons. ‘have buttons, must press’, he intoned.

prettily packaged (asian) snacks, including haebeehiam cookies…

and now, finally on to the food.

crab meat pasta ($16) – i forgot to tell them not to sprinkle cheese 😦 so i didn’t enjoy this very much although objectively it was good decent cafe food.

pulled pork sandwich ($13) this had rocket so 😦 for me too… it tasted EXTREMELY HEALTHY (i.e. dry and tasteless…) but i suppose good for Pugs’ diet.

cinnamon roll and flat white. The cinnamon roll was nice and crumbly and not too sweet. coffee was good too.

earl grey lavender loaf. This was good too – not too sweet and not too dense. noms.

Their desserts/pastries and coffee were definitely better than the mains, but i guess that is expected from a place that is opened by Carpenter&Cook, famous for its pastries. I would come back – it’s a nice happy place to chill and have coffee, after squeezing with the crowd at ikea. The mall is not fully opened yet so it’s still fairly quiet and empty. Next to us were a pair of teachers, marking their students’ assignments over a cup of coffee. heh.