What sort of name is L’euphoriz, right. I was meeting a friend who works in Tanjong Pagar for lunch, and once again decided to utilise my Entertainer app. Found L’euphoriz, a Vietnamese place at AXA Tower and we decided to give it a try.

pork chop rice

beef noodles soup.

The food was not bad, and with the one for one for lunch, quite decently priced (usually about S$15 each), in air conditioned non crowded comfort during the rush hour in the cbd.

After finishing our lunch, in the same building was Yellow Cup Coffee, another place with offers on Entertainer. We headed there and had a mocha each.

surprisingly, it was almost completely empty during lunch time, despite being at the lobby of the office building, and the coffee was not bad.

We finished up lunch+coffee feeling most pleased that we didn’t have to fight with the crowds or spend too much money. hehe.