I went to Capitol Piazza one day with a primary school classmate. After we walked around for a bit (and me rejecting 1933), we settled on Ryu (not realising how expensive it was…)

Ryu has these chirashi sets that looked amazingly good but was out of budget 😦

So the both of us on austerity drives and saving for our house settled on the two cheaper dinner sets – grilled chicken and pork ribs. It was enjoyable and good. The service was great too, and with the sets came very interesting things, starting with a sweet potato soup, and ending with carrot pudding of sorts.

sweet potato soup – this was very interesting. It didn’t have the colour of sweet potato, but was fragrant enough and quite tasty. The texture was nice and smooth and even though i don’t like sweet potato as a general rule, this was actually quite enjoyable.

appetisers. These looked deceptively normal, but were really quite good. They were pickled just right.

grilled chicken, on a bed of vegetables. Nice and tender.

ribs. These were very good. The meat fell off the bones, and the white chunk on the left looking slightly charred and unappetising was in fact very very good. It was carrot (turnip?), nice and sweet and caramelised. I finished up every morsel of this dish.

carrot pudding dessert. This was also very well made – I didn’t enjoy it very much but that was purely a personal preference. It reminded me a bit of the western style carrot cakes we eat, especially with the creamcheese on top, but the texture and feel is different.

If I was ever feeling generous and/or rich, I’d bring Pugs here for a nice japanese dinner. Hee.