Pugs and I have an immense backlog for this blog. owell. stay tuned for more to come!

I happened to see online that Tony Roma’s was having a anniversary promotion, where you could get two glasses of soft drink, two bowls of soup of the day, a half onion loaf and two half slab ribs for S$44++.

Now Tony Roma’s is a place that I’ve been meaning to go to for a long long time. It was one of my childhood haunts – my dad used to bring me there occasionally on weekends, and I’d spend a very pleasant lunch stuffing my face with food. And so, armed with the voucher, I dragged Pugs to Suntec after work one day.

starting with bread and garlic butter. I love garlic butter. whee. The bread was cold and hard though 😦 but for the garlic butter, i ate two slices.

the onion loaf. i loved these – practically finished the whole loaf by myself. even though it was glistening with oil – i like how their onion loaf comprises rings of onion, crispy and addictive, without the thick layer of batter that usually surrounds onionrings.

soup of the day. corn soup – this was … quite meh.

at my insistence, we added on potato skins to our set. and Pugs loved it. I love it too, but Pugs really really liked it. crispy potato skin, with not too much potato, not too heavy tasting cheese, and crunchy bacon bits – mouthfuls of goodness. NOMS. this has always been, and is clearly still is, my favourite part of tony roma’s.

We had baby back and honey glazed ribs, but we couldnt’ really tell the difference. The ribs were not bad, and there was a choice of sides, but we both liked corn (hence the corn repeats on both plates). The corn was good. i’ve had better ribs, but these were acceptable.

All in all, OM NOM NOM Nom. It was a good, enjoyable, satisfying dinner.