For a potluck at a friend’s place a few weeks ago, Pugs offered to make mushroom soup, which he claimed was ‘very easy to make’.

Well. I suppose… it kinda is… but it was also MUCH CHOPPING.

First we started off with lots of celery, onions and carrots, sliced and diced and brought to a boil to form the broth base. We boiled this until all the flavour came out of the vegetables and they were tasteless and soft.

In the meantime, we proceeded with chopping lots and lots and lots of mushrooms.

lots and lots and lots of mushrooms. This was supposed to be for 10 persons.

all the mushrooms (different types so that there will be some variety in… taste and chewiness…), and some chopped garlic, to taste.

We then fried the mushrooms in batches (cos i didn’t have a large enough pan…), with the garlic. (that’s the vegetable soup broth boiling in the pot.).

hurhur. We fried the mushrooms until they ‘sweated’ it out and they were simmered in their own juices.

When we were ready with our mushrooms and all the veges had no more taste, we scooped out all the vegetables, leaving only the clear soup broth, added a cube of chicken essence thing for more taste, and poured all the mushrooms inside so the mushrooms could sweat some more and bake in their own salts :p

We let it boil lightly for a while before we added in thickened milk and boiled it for a bit more.

And then the mushroom soup was done! (you don’t really need so much mushrooms i think… it was more mushrooms than soup in the end… but it was nice and flavourful this way.)

We added a dash of parseley and rosemary to top off.

Mostly a success i think!