Udders at Siglap is one of my favourite places to hang out in the East (despite its generally crowded state); also because there’s usually parking in the big open air carpark across the road.

After a particularly unsatisfying dinner with Pugs’ family for Chinese New Year (big family catering potluck thing in a condo hall…), I forced him to drive us to Udders for supper.

In addition to a single scoop coconut icecream, we proceeded to stuff our faces with Mentaiko fries and fried chicken.

The food is decent and comforting (read: unhealthy but happyfying.) We enjoyed it alot and finished all the chicken and most of the fries between us, while surrounded by couples taking selfies and sharing a single scoop icecream/waffle. We are really greedy sloths… and clearly our self imposed diet cum austerity drive has come to no result (we still pay lip service to it though…).

nom nom. Pugs is a fan of mentaiko. I enjoy this quite alot, the mentaiko sauce, oily fries and seaweed make a nice combination. next time, i will try their salted egg yolk fries. whee.

fried chicken, topped with chicken floss. comfort food max.

rubs tums.

ending off with a coconut sherbet was just right to cleanse the greasy (but addictive) taste and we headed home happily.