Fort Canning Hotel is a most uniquely situated hotel, straddling (right smack in the middle) both the shopping areas in Singapore and the CBD. Amidst the urban jungle, the hotel literally offers a breath of fresh air since it is in the middle of much greenery at Fort Canning Park.

I’ve deliberately put Chinois Spa before the hotel, because Wolls and I liked Chinois Spa very much, and intend to go back again.


Chinois Spa

Wolls happened onto the Chinois Spa Groupon offer and promptly got that for our stay. The spa is conveniently located within The Glass House, which is within Fort Canning Hotel, a mere 50 metre amble from the main building.

The massage room was a nice and private one, which is a great place for couples. The rooms were beautifully designed, warm, and welcoming. The masseuses here were not too bad, and the beds were most comfortable as well (I had previously been to another spa, where the hole where you put your face in was most uncomfortable. This one was great!).

The bath was in a small room adjoining the massage room and had a most wonderful jacuzzi.

The prices at Chinois Spa are quite reasonable, and they are usually fully booked on weekends. The owner also said that membership can be shared (I can’t remember why this was a good thing, but when he told us, Wolls and I went oooo…) I think there’s a discount, and then if you visit enough something magical happens :). And since sharing is allowed, the magic happens soon enough hehe.

Fort Canning Hotel

The Room

The rooms were relatively spacious, mostly because of the “openness” of the bathroom.

For the modest, buttons allowed one to control two sets of blinds; one for the outer window that looked onto the greenery, and the inner set to obscure the bath area from the room.

An overlook of the urban jungle


Swimming Pool

I have been teaching Wolls how to swim, and what better chance than to use the swimming pools there. Fort Canning Hotel shares its facilities with The Legends, and hence, we were spoiled for choice with the two levels of swimming pools (walking down the stairs led to the Legends swimming pool).

We had a good hour of swimming lessons before it started to rain, and we quickly got out of the pool and bundled off more towels to dry ourselves in the room. It’s great to have the pool to ourselves (mostly, save for the one uncle swimming)


Breakfast was included in our booking, and it was somewhat disappointing, especially given that Fort Canning Hotel is somewhat up there (well, uniquely quaint?). The food was ordinary at best, and even the freshly made ones like omelettes lacked finesse in cooking. The omelette was… an overcooked fried egg with an assortment of ingredients. No smooth silky interiors. Just oiliness all over.