I have been a fan of Wild Rocket since I tasted their Laksa Pesto pasta some years back. So for Woll’s birthday, I took her here to try out some of their latest creations. They did not disappoint!

“Tambun biscuit”

The first thing that was presented before we ordered were these “tambun biscuits”. These were actually bite-sized pieces of bread, made to look just like tambun, and were quite good.

Mixed mushroom dashi consomme with shiitake wanton

Wolls does not like mushrooms very much so this was mostly left to me… hooray! I liked the clean take on mushroom soup, without the heaviness of cream to give it more body. The wanton was a little strange and less memorable, but I guess it was necessary to provide a centrepiece to the dish.

Soy sauce pork ragout rigatoni

I loved this dish. Soy sauce… good! Pork ragout… good! Very nicely flavoured dish, balanced in sweetness and saltiness. Yums.

48 hour beef short rib with smoked oyster milk & kale crisp

Sous vide seems to be the cooking method of choicewith many restaurants these days. The idea of a slow cooked piece of beef was most tantalising. This dish didn’t quite meet up to expectations though. While the colours were most amazing, the beef was somewhat overpowered by the seasoning. I think I still prefer a nice grilled steak (with sous vide in advance is good too!). The kale on its own was ordinary, but mixed nicely with the mash.

Roast red snapper with tom yum bouillabaisse

Nothing much to say about this really, it was ok. I’m not a fan of red snapper, and normally prefer fish like cod, tuna, or one of my favourites, swordfish. I still think about the swordfish steak with capers I had in Turku (Finland). But I digress.

Adobo duck with onsen-style quail egg, truffle mash & baby spinach

Salmon red rice & baby octopus donburi

The donburi was good. I don’t really have any objections to donburis usually, since the furikake sort of gives it a reasonable flavour. This was particularly good since you don’t usually find octopus in donburi, and the octopus was well cooked.

Spanner chilli crab linguini with onsen egg

Wolls like crab quite some, so whenever there’s a dish with chilli crab something in it, I’d order it for her. This dish was reminiscent of the laksa pesto pasta I had before. I think I prefer the laksa pesto pasta then. This was, nonetheless, very good. The mix of a thick tomato-chilli base was well met by the significantly less viscous onsen egg stirred in. Chomps.

Nori tsukudani spaghettini with king prawns

This was the winner that night for me. I love seaweed. I love grilled prawn. Big win. The seaweed dotting every strand of pasta gave it a nice flavour that was subtle, yet went well with the grilled prawn. Delicious!

Roasted stuffed quail with yun cheong sausage

The presentation for this was nice, and I think, French. I’m generally not a fan of such dishes, because it’s much harder to get this amazing than seafood I think.

Gong tng chinese peanut candy with peanut butter ice cream
Wild rocket strawberry cheesecake

Of the three desserts we had, I liked the strawberry cheesecake the best. Wolls isn’t a fan of cheese, so once more, more for me!

Wild rocket chendol

The desserts were all very good, and to finish off the night, Wild Rocket gave us a complimentary flan-like pudding to act as Woll’s birthday “cake”.

Happy birthday Wolls!

This was a great dinner that we had at Wild Rocket, and I would definitely be back here again for Chef Willin Low’s creations. This was first in one of the many happy birthdays (in the same month!) for Wolls, and it was great :). Happy birthday Wolls!