For one of the family dinners over chinese new year, Pugs and I went (with some family…) to Xi Yan casual dining at Shaw Centre. I’ve been to the proper Xi Yan at Craig Road about a year or two ago, where they serve you whatever they have that day, based on what price range you opt for. It was quite a pleasant experience, but we didn’t need something quite so… atas, and so i suggested Xi Yan Shaw, which purports to serve the same quality of food as its private dining restaurant, but in a casual setting (and more wallet friendly prices…)

We didn’t order the food, and so I’m just going to post all the photos of the food we had, and it will suffice to say that it was all good. and all for only about S$150, which is really, very very reasonable.

spicy cold chicken dish that was very refreshing and appetising.

olive fried rice. this was very well done too.

fried meetaimak. This reminded us of chye tau kuay but it was good too (although im must say im partial towards meetaimak).

the older generation liked this alot. I enjoyed it much too and thought it was very well made (pigs trotters can be quite hit and miss, and this was mostly a hit). Unfortunately, Pugs doesn’t eat pigstrotters, so his loss!

bitter gourd, which was my least favourite dish for the day, but was Pugs’ favourite I think. He says it was refreshing and a nice balance in taste. I thought it was … well, bitter.

braised meat

braised duck. the braised meat and duck was good too, the meat was okay, but the braised sauce was quite nicely done.

All in all, a simple, fuss free, satisfying meal with good food. We will be back! It’s not quite formal enough for a proper big chinese family dinner, but it is price friendly and very good food for a casual dinner with friends and small families.