I had been wanting to bring Pugs to Marina Bay Golf Course for dinner for a while, and one random weekday when we were both on leave and slacking, after swimming in the East, I suggested going there for dinner.

Mainly, for this view.

The cafe overlooks the golf course and the financial district skyline. It’s really really pretty and calming watching the sunset, or at night when the lights come on. It’s the main reason why I like going there to just sit and chill and stare out into space. It’s also usually nice and windy in the evenings (ok, you need to pick a nice evening too, and we were very fortunate that day. The sky was beautiful and the weather was great.

so we sat down, admired the view and ordered our food.

first up was lotus root chips – after our experience at Dstllry, I’ve been a fan of lotus root chips. Unfortunately, this was not half as good as those from Dstllry… Still, fried crispy stuff can’t be that bad and we finished it all.

seafood horfun. The horfun was okay – it had the burnt fried bits i like, but the seafood was a bit… smelly. and i think the horfun was re-fried (i.e. not fresh…)

saba fish set. This was okay. The fish was pan fried quite nicely and seasoned sufficiently. Not bad, especially in comparison with the hor fun.

we ended off with this chin chow. which was nice and refreshing and can’t go wrong hurhur.

But you know, it really isn’t about the food (although if the food were good, it’d be great. The food at Keppel Club is great but the view isn’t half as good…) ah well. The service here left much to be desired to, but we weren’t in a hurry and were happy to just sit around and wait. Still, a bit of friendliness from the service staff and a bit of enthusiasm and passion really wouldn’t hurt.

With this view, I would enjoy my dinner even if the food was … subpar (i guess minimum requirement would be the lotusrootchips being still crispy and not lauhong…)