After a rather unsatisfying lunch in NUS, I forced Pugs to drive to Rochester Mall so we could grab a second lunch. After some googling, I read about this place, Pies and Coffee, and wanted to check it out.

They actually have much more than pies and coffee.

and a decent selection of cakes too!

However, please remember that we did just have lunch, and so we settled for their signature charcoal curry chicken pie, and a coffee each.

The black pie crust was interesting, but honestly didn’t taste very much different from normal pies. The filling was generous and not bad, but honestly didn’t really stand out. The mashed potato however, was good – smooth and tasty; and the gravy wasn’t too overpowering either. Noms for mash.

flat white and iced latte (sorry about the ugly dirty plate… Splashed some coffee while bringing the tray back to the table 😦 We rarely see cafes now that don’t do latte art but I guess that’s just aesthetics and frivolous to some extent heh. The coffee was okay, not bad – i actually quite liked the blend – not too strong or acidic, although not as fragrant as say the coffee from jewel at oneshenton.

Rochester Mall is a bit out of the way, but there was a decent lunch crowd, presumably from the offices around the area, MOE and the polis-es (metropolis fusionopolis biopolis whatever) but I do hope the entire area does become more vibrant and less like the entire mall is going to close down… It’s a nice quiet place to work or spend an afternoon though!