After our experiences at Fat Cow and Bedrock (both which Pugs will review at some point), I had a craving for more affordable steak. After some googling, I decided to go to Babette for its oft-reviewed steakandfoeigras donburi.

Babette is along Tyrwhitt Road, as part of Parc Sovereign Hotel.

After reaching Babette, we ordered a side tapas, my donburi and a duck and waffle main for Pugs. Pugs is now out to order all the duck and waffle dishes he finds because he is determined to find me a satisfactory duck wand waffle dish that can make up for my non-experience in London. (the background to this is that I was in London some time ago and wanted to head for famous duck and waffles but my plans were thwarted by Pugs, and I’ve never let him forget about this.)

sake asari (S$10) – this was … not very good. I’ve had much better clams elsewhere, and some of the clams were slightly rubbery. The sauce was also not quite up to standard.

roasted hakusai cabbage (S$9) – this was okayish; slightly salty, but definitely more enjoyable than the clams.

duck and waffle (S$25) – i didn’t like this very much. The waffle was a weird texture – cheesy but hollow… The duck was also not very well done; it was not as tender as I would have liked, and the skin was also slightly tough and chewy.

steak and foie gras donburi (S$28). Now this was the highlight of the night and was every bit as good as I hoped. The beef was tender and good, the foie gras was a nice sizeable portion, nicely panfried, and the rice topped with the seaweed and other dressing was a nice balance to top everything off. I will definitely come back for this.

While waiting for our food, we overheard another table asking about the #entertainer app – we hadn’t realised that it was also a restaurant on Entertainer and so we got one-for-one for our main!

The meal was some hits and misses, but with #Entertainer, I will definitely go back for the steak donburi. At least we know that’s a definite hit. I will probably give their chirashi don a try too, next time. Will keep all of you updated!

Steak craving satisfied (and rather cheaply too!)