I took half a day off work some time last week (actually, I took the whole day off work but had to go in for half a day anyway…) and Pugs wanted to check out the Samsung VR Gear at the Samsung experience store, and so we found ourselves at Bugis for an early lunch. I suggested Saveur because it was early enough before a queue formed, and Pugs had never tried it before.

We had two three-course lunch sets and added on a foie gras. noms. Each lunch set is S$22.90.


mushroom soup – this was a bit too salty for my liking, but not too creamy and quite nice.

saveur pasta. This is one of my all time favourite dishes at Saveur – i love the small ebi and pasta tossed in some oil – the whole combination of taste is very satisfying (although a bit greasy sometimes, but light enough).

the add-on foie gras that i never fail to order – i love the way the lentils mix with the foie gras – its an interesting balance and combination; and this is also one of the most affordable and decent foie gras i’ve had.


pork belly. This was quite nice (although the skin was a bit chewy…) the sauce by the side (which i originally thought was decorative only…) was good. the pork was nicely seasoned too, and went very nicely with the beans and egg. only complaint is that it felt a bit… gelak (too heavy?) towards the end of the meal.

duck confit – i preferred this to the pork belly. the duck is slightly salty but not too much so; the skin nice and crisp; and definitely better than the duck and waffle dish we had at Babette. noms.


creme brulee. This was nice, light and fluffy; but I preferred the panna cotta by far, so Pugs had most of this.

pistachio panna cotta. I’m a fan of nuts and i really really enjoyed this dessert very much. Pugs also agreed that this was better than the creme brulee.

And so in conclusion, Saveur is as enjoyable as it always is (although I kinda remembered it cheaper… but I may be mistaken) and I have clear favourites for the lunch set – saveur pasta; duck confit; pistachio panna cotta. but of course, that’s just my personal preference. and always add on the foie gras!