Paper Crane is a small, unassuming cafe, nestled within SCWO along waterloo street – it has a little tiny cafe area, with chairs and tables along the corridors of SCWO.

you order at the counter area and by the window are bar counter seats – the rest of the seating is ‘outdoors’, reminded me a bit of school corridors, covered but not enclosed (read: no airconditioning). It was nice and quaint though, and because we got there slightly after lunch time, most of the tables were just about clearing out.

the corridor with more seating

menu is written on chalkboards

It was all a very simple homely set up, almost a one-lady show (not sure about inside the kitchen, but there was one lady taking orders and serving food and everything else.

but the food was really quite good. like the cafe, it was served simply, without fanfare or pretty decorations or special presentation, but was packed full of goodness and substance. i like things and food and people like that. unpretentious but of a high standard. stillwaterrunsdeep hurhur.

we had the kimchi fries with grilled steak ($15), which was good. the beef was tender and nice; and the kimchi fries were interesting (a good kind of interesting). noms.

southern style deep fried butter milk chicken ($15) – this was really really really good. When the plate was placed in front of us, Pugs and I unanimously went, wah that is ALOT of chicken, to which the lady pleasantly replied, that’s our motto. feed our guests until just before you hit food coma. the chicken was crispy (i actually ate up all the fried flour and skin and everything that came along with it) and tasty and tender – in short, a really enjoyable meal.

it was a very satisfying meal – not the hipster cafes we’re used to, but very very satisfying and pleasant.

i might still try to avoid the lunch crowd though – i would imagine this place packed during lunch time with their $10 lunch sets and other affordable (and very delicious) meals.