I’m sure Percolate is now a regular joint for easties, with its consistently good coffee and croissants.

one day after visiting a friend at Tanah Merah, Pugs and I made a small detour so I could bring him there to check it out.

Pugs drank his chai latte before we took a photo 😦

my iced latte – i really like the iced coffee here; it’s refreshing and fragrant and not too acidic.

pandan kaya croissant – this was good. the pandan kaya was nice and sweet but not too much so, and it balanced nicely with the fluffy, crispy but not too buttery (personal preference) croissant.

egg mayo croissant – their croissants are quite consistently good and i think you won’t go wrong with anything croissant based hurhur.

we topped everything off with an earl grey cake, which was good too, not too dense or sweet, and had an easy texture and light taste.

Percolate has expanded beyond its original tiny half a shop space area and I’m glad it looks like it’s sticking around for a bit at least. will definitely be back regularly.