Pugs and I went for Ilight2016 (do check it out if you’re in singapore! it’s really quite pretty) but before that decided to grab dinner at marina square (while lugging our heavy bags and laptops. I can’t believe we lugged our laptops walking that 4km around the bay really.)

Once we came up the escalator from the train station, we saw this Japanese restaurant, Hamanoya Robata – having briefly glanced at the menu and deciding that it wasn’t extravagantly expensive, we decided to give it a try.

It was like a rollercoaster of emotions hurhur.

When we looked at the menu, we thought the price was okay. Higher end sushitei sort of prices. $20ish for a don.

then my salmon avocado don came and i went… uhm. it’s quite expensive for this food hor.

Pugs had the negitoro don (as usual – he always always orders this if there was such an option on the menu).

the negitoro close up.

each set also comes with a chawanmushi, and on top of that, we ordered a grilled fish.

This brought our meal to about S$80 for two of us, if memory serves me right. And the food really looked quite sad.

But I have to say, don’t judge the food by its appearances. We were pleasantly surprised once we started eating. The fish was fresh, the grilled fish was very tasty and juicy, and everything tasted much better than it looked. We agreed unanimously that the quality of the food was worth the price we paid.

The service was… quite horrific. There was maybe a total of 3 waitresses, trying to serve, take orders, and show people to their table. While we were eating, a lady came in with a pram and after waiting maybe 10 minutes for them to get a baby chair, she finally decided to seat herself and get the chair from a corner of the restaurant herself. As we were waiting to pay the bill at the counter because we gave up waiting at our table, we waited maybe 5 minutes for someone to notice that we had left our seats (we should totally have left the restaurant without paying) and were waiting at the cashier counter, and then another 10 minutes for someone to be free for us to pay. during this time, another family decided to seat themselves and help themselves to the menus at the counter area.

sooo will i go back? well, the quality of the food was really not bad, despite its unappealing presentation; but it’s not that great to make up for the lack of service, and how i generally value… some aesthetics… after all, i do want to enjoy every aspect of my dinner. it’s not as if the meal was cheap enough to make up for all the issues the place had too… oh well.