Teppei Syokudo, by the people behind the famous Teppei at Orchid Hotel, has a branch at Republic Plaza. One evening, in between meetings and armed with a book, I decided to check it out. {they also have branches at ion and millennia walk}.

Its a tiny place tucked in Republic Plaza (not the office lobby side), with limited seating (mostly counters and a couple of two person tables). It was late in the day and I managed to find a corner to seat myself comfortably and settle down to read happily while stuffing my face with food.

each seat has a table setting that looks like this. i thought it was quite cool.

Because there was only one of me, and because it was towards the end of the day, I settled on their signature kaisendon.

look at those chunks of fish. One or two pieces I had wasn’t as fresh as it should be, but on the whole, for that price, and no queue, it was a very satisfying meal. I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the fish… (how rare is it for someone to say that there was too much sashimi on a chirashi/kaisen don). It definitely isn’t as good as teppei, but for the price and for not having to queue, i think i will be back fairly often in the evenings (lunch, i imagine, would be a warzone…).

I would have ordered some croquettes or other small snacks, but like i said, it was towards the end of the day, and the food behind the display looked rather stale and sad and so i passed on those. I hear their snacks are also good, especially in the afternoon when they are freshly made. I will try to go back to check it out soon.