Pugs wanted to get his Crocs (after we’ve been checking out both their shops and their website online) and so as a final attempt, we decided to go to Changi City Point to check out the outlet store. He did buy two pairs there in the end at quite a good deal. So if you’re looking for anything, do check out Changi City Point – they also have travel and winter stuff, and a variety of other brands.

By the time we were done, I was starving and after walking one round around the place, eliminating places that had a long queue, we settled on Table Manners – it was large and open, brightly lit and looked homely and inviting. whee.

We stared at the menu and then BOTH wanted the foie gras burger which was a special they had that day. I don’t remember how much it was… but Pugs commented that it was about the same price as Relish, so that’s a good gauge – more expensive than normal burgers, but affordable enough for a normal meal.

It was quite satisfying. There was a substantial piece of foie gras, which went very nicely with the slightly drier beef patty. The caramelised onions were also quite nicely done. And once again, I am partial towards places that allow me to specify how the beef patty is done so that was great too. The bun was nicely toasted as well, although both of us only finished a piece of bun each, in our half hearted attempt to diet.

we topped it off with some chicken wings (clearly, not dieting…) which were really quite good. slightly spicy, tasty and not over-fried.

And after all of that, we headed to marbleslab creamery where we shared a cup of icecream. oh ballooning waistline 😦