Pugs has never been to Chockfullofbeans (even though even my parents have been there hur) and so one afternoon, we made the long drive to Changi Village so that he could check it out.

We had lunch that day already, but since we had driven almost 40 minutes to get to Changi Village, we ordered yet another big breakfast to share.

Chock Full of Big Breakfast ($17) – yes i cannot believe we stuffed our face with this after having lunch. owell. In any event, this was standard cafe food; no complaints but nothing to rave about either. Substantial (look at the amount of sausages and bacon!) and the bread was not bad.

and then of course, who goes to chockfullofbeans and not order their 3D latte art. It is only available on iced coffees and those marked with an asterisk (average of S$6.50 per drink). I was a bit annoyed that 3D art had to be on special request only (Everybody we saw requested for it so i really don’t see the point; and they try to put you off by telling you that you will have to wait an average of more than 30 minutes). Really; there’s nothing special about chockfullofbeans OTHER than its 3Dlatteart. If you take that away, I’m fairly certain that no one will make the long trek to changivillage just to patronise this otherwise very run of the mill cafe. I was also very annoyed that the waiter didn’t tell us that we could have a choice as to the character for our 3Dlatteart. But no matter – while I really don’t like the pig and the pikachu (i’ve never watched or collected or played with a single pokemon character in all my life), objectively I have to say they were quite nicely done.

The lady at the table next to ours clearly had been there before because she specifically requested for a totoro (and that’s how I found out that they took requests). I would have much preferred a totoro.

A short while later, I overheard a waitress asking yet another table what characters they wanted and the customers asking what they could choose from. I would never have voluntarily picked a pig and a pikachu. sigh.

we topped everything off with a tiramisu. The tiramisu was… okay… i guess the sleeping fox kinda made up for a not quite fantastic tiramisu (i wouldn’t say it was bad; but it just isn’t something i would order again – the brunch and coffee would more than suffice and the tiramisu isn’t good enough for me to spend calories and tums space for.)

Unless we really happened to be in the area, I don’t really think i would make the trip back there. The 3D art is fun once or twice, but there are more places doing these things now and there’s really nothing else special about their food or coffee.