Kai Garden is a new(ish) Chinese restaurant at Marina Square who is opened by one of the chefs of the Paradise Group. If I’m not wrong, he used to be the chef at the Paradise restaurant in Marina Bay Link Mall, which I would go with my colleagues to for special occasion lunches. Now that he has opened his own place, we had to check it out. I went with two friends one Saturday afternoon to try their dimsum.

The restaurant is tucked in a corner in Marina Square, next to Honey Creme (but really, quite an obscure corner). The restaurant was busy enough on a Saturday afternoon but it wasn’t too noisy (some chinese restaurants have this really echo-y noisy feeling which i really dislike).

The wet towels – quite cool. The decoration was generally quite tasteful (read: not gaudy). i guess it also helps that the place is quite new.

pan fried siew mai – this was a specialty at Paradise, and we assumed there would be something similar here. We were not disappointed and this was every bit as good as we hoped it would be. Juicy, tasty and extremely appetising.

prawn cheong fun.

har gao. The cheong fun and har gao were quite normal. Good, but not particularly impressive.

fried carrot cake – this was a bit too salty for me, but the carrot cake was quite well done and not too oily too. It was also quite satisfying (kinda like char kway teow but not so artery blocking… heh).

liushabao. nom.

look at the liquid salted egg yolk. nom nom. to be fair, it’s not the best liushabao i’ve had in singapore, but it really was quite well done.

these egg tarts were a nice end to our meal – they were nice, light and fluffy and the crusts were done just right too – not too chewy and not too crumbly.

We ended up paying about $25 per person, which is fairly ex for dimsum, but not excessively so, given the quality of the food. I would come back for their dimsum again and maybe try their dinner menu too!