It was Pugs and my second time at Supply&Demand at Esplanade – the first time we went, we didn’t really enjoy it very much but then I read reviews that they had really really good truffle fries, and so we went back to give them a second chance.

The appetisers and asian food is really not good; but it turns out that they are famous for truffle fries and pizzas and so this time, we went straight for the truffle fries and pizzas.

I quite like the vibe of the place, open conceptish, industrial furnishing, noisy but friendly and wellsuited for the arty venue at the Esplanade. Suitable for students post-concert watching in a big group too, though reservations probably recommended.

We started off with the truffle fries ($15). It’s quite expensive, but I was mightily pleased with the whole garlic – i love garlic like this, and it went very very well with the fries. I would totally order another plate of this if not for it being far too sinful. nomnomnom. Even Pugs who normally doesn’t eat garlic like that fought with me for his half portion. meh. On its own, I would say PS Cafe’s truffle fries are better, but the garlic kinda tips the balance a bit.

calamari – compared to the truffle fries, this was very normal, but we’re not saying it was bad. it just didnt… speak to us the way the truffle fries did. heh.

pizza; 9inch ($18) – they allow you to combine two flavours in one pizza for an additional $3 which was what we did. This was La Mattina Dopo (essentially, bacon, mushrooms and egg); and Provinciale (chicken chunks and egg). It was really quite good. The crust was thin and crispy, and toppings were great, it wasn’t too heavy or cheesy and everything was just generally very enjoyable. Pugs commented that he thought he would have to give up eating pizza after dating me, but I enjoyed this pizza almost as much as he did I think.

We ended off our meal with a tiramisu served in a small jar, which was… alright. nothing worth mentioning really…

So despite our not very satisfactory first experience, I’m glad we went back to try their pizza and truffle fries after reading more reviews, and I’m sure we will be back again soon (maybe this weekend!)