I had been wanting to check out Nassimhillbakery for a while and so one evening, Pugs and I headed down after work.

It happened to be ladies’ night so I had free free-flow champagne. I had half a glass of it because it wasn’t great but it was a pleasant surprise.

sweet potato fries ($10) We started off with these sweet potato fries. These were quite good. The dipping sauce was good too and we got a refill of it after wiping the first bowl all up with fries.

baked bone marrow ($12) These came with sides of freshly sliced onions and parsley, and big salt granules for seasoning. All these went very well with the marrow on the bread. noms. Pugs thought it was a bit too heavy but the onions helped reduce the jelak feeling, and it was therefore better than the marrow at Bedrock (which Pugs has yet to blog about still tsk.)

steak and eggs ($23)

DIY steak sandwich ($22)

The two steaks were average… the DIY steak sandwich was an interesting idea and went quite nicely with the sliced bread and mustard; the steak and eggs were very very normal.

I probably wouldn’t trudge all the way to nassimhill for this meal again though. It did help that we had #Entertainer which gave us one for one off the mains. yay.