Pugs and I were looking for a place for dinner a couple of weeks ago, and ended up at this placed in POMO (right next to School of The Arts). From our googlesearching, we found out that their specialty is a coconut cold brew coffee and I was quite excited to try it.

And so we ordered their signature coconut cold brew coffee (it also comes in other flavours, but this was the original signature one).

So fun right – the presentation and the idea of pouring our cold brew coffee over the coconut iceball was really quite exciting. but unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the coffee very much – the taste was much better at the end when the iceblock started to melt, but that was really towards the end of our meal already, and the first few gulps left a very… strong aftertaste in our mouths. It could be a personal preference, but the coffee tasted very… siap and acidic.

The rest of our meal went uneventfully –

pasta… okay, acceptable and decent for a cafe.

chicken and waffles. this was ordinary too.

The cafe was nice; the wait staff was friendly; the place was quiet and comfortable but nothing really stood out per se. Prices are reasonable but not cheap, and I probably wouldn’t make a trip back here just for this place (not to say the dinner was terrible, but simply that nothing stood out enough to warrant a repeat visit).