One particularly hot afternoon, I was desperately in search for a cafe to hide in while waiting for some friends at Toa Payoh. After some googling, I found The The Daily Press .

The trudge there was totally worth it. It was a small little cafe, similar to all these hdbshopsturnedcafes, but it was spacious enough and not closed in (or echo-ey. I particularly hate those cafes where sound is trapped inside and echoes, giving me a very claustrophobic feeling).

I had a coffee, a pandan gula melaka cake, and some roasted aburi vegetable thing.

the flat white was really quite good. Smooth, creamy and just the right amount of … caffeine. heh. I like the blend they use.

the gula melaka pandan cake (which is all the rage now…) was good too; not too sweet and not too dense.

this aburi vegetable with mustard mayo was really quite the highlight. i ate up all my vegetables for the first time in my life. even the capsicums and mushrooms and pumpkin. NOMS. The aburi-ness was nicely brought out and although the sauce looks like it’s laid on quite thick here, it went nicely coating each vegetable and wasn’t too overpowering. The menu had alot of other food items that I was tempted to try, but I had actually already had wanton mee at the coffeeshop next door before heading in for airconditioning, but next time, i will leave tums space to try their other food.

I would definitely come back here to spend a nice, relaxing weekend afternoon. with good coffee, good cake and good food. (and not super crowded.) winning combination for me!