Jumping on the bandwagon to supposedly the hottest new thing in town – Timbre+ – tens of thousands of square feet of dining within a container, at the now bustling buonavista/one-north area.

I went one Saturday afternoon to check it out. The concept is kind of like… pasar bella, but… non-airconditioned, and noisy cos u know, Timbre. I guess perhaps at night they play nice live music, but in the afternoon, I just found it noisy and hot… Having said that, they did have the requisite hugeass cooling fans installed, and the vibe was… fairly cool. The concept was a food court for the working professionals around the area to grab lunch, and the stalls for the ‘hawker’ area (around the perimeter of the area) would then close in the evening while the ‘restaurants’ would stay open. Restaurants, I assumed, were the ‘buses’ that you will see in the photos below.

we had bak kut teh set with mee sua from soon huat bak kut teh. This was not bad and quite affordable. I had just extracted my wisdom tooth a couple of days ago and was mightily pleased with the meesua.

because everyone has been talking about these salted egg yolk wings, we had to try it – the stall owner managed to convince me to buy a two person set with sweet potato fries and a drink – i was quite disappointed with this really, although to be fair it could be because everyone raving about it had raised by expectations. The salted egg yolk taste wasn’t quite strong enough, and didn’t feel like it went … INTO the chicken. I think it was mostly just on the skin and flour and just didn’t feel… shiok enough. oh well. sweet potato fries were very average too.

when you buy your meal, the stall will charge you a $1 deposit for the tray, that is automatically included in your bill. according to a small sign at the cashier (thank goodness for me who reads everything while waiting…) i realised that i had to return the trays so i went back to the stall to ask if i needed to show my receipt or sth, which apparently i didn’t.

so it turns out that you come to this area, put your tray on the conveyor belt where the mouths are, and then a $1 coin will be dispensed automatically. so cool. but oh so open to fraud. there were stacks of trays sitting around at unattended stalls because it was early evening and the hawker area was about to close, and i was most tempted to earn some money by just feeding trays in. hurhur.

I would say, visit it once to see the art and just experience the place – it is a new concept that could possibly work.