Over the weekend, I went to a friend’s place at Clementi for dinner, but before that, decided to stop by this cafe at Faber Drive, Buck Tile St. Cafe. I was most curious to find out about their colourful velvet cakes (supposedly a different colour everyday) and waffles.

The cafe is located at some ulu part of Faber Drive, and next to this really really old school provision shop.

cool right; it was really like a trip back in time.

The cafe was nice, quiet and empty – plenty of seats and had a very warm friendly feeling to it.

this shelf sells cute little items like cards and music boxes and jewellery.

the colour for the velvet cake the day we went was blue. I didn’t order the velvet cake (top left) in the end because i wanted to try the waffles; but we ordered the chocolate mint cake.

latte and chocolate mint cake. the coffee was okay, not as strong as i like it, but acceptable. the mint cake was not too dense, not too sweet, and quite enjoyable.

then came their specialty! the blue waffles. the jar is white chocolate with blue food colouring i guess.

drizzling the interestingly bright blue white cocoa on the waffles

as weird as this looks, the chocolate went very nicely with the waffles and greentea icecream we ordered. the waffles were not bad too, fluffy and not too sweet (even with the sauce).

if only this wasn’t in such a 鸟不生蛋 place, i would probably go back rather often to work and read and eat food colouring :p At least it is more than just gimmicky – i did enjoy the cake and waffles.