I was looking for a place for supper one day, and I came across this review of The Ramen Stall. Unfortunately, Pugs fell asleep that night before I could convince him to have supper with me, and so we only went a couple of weeks later as his peace offering.

It wasn’t very crowded when we got there on a Sunday evening at about 10pm; and it turned out to be a halal place selling ramen. I generally have my doubts about halal places selling non-malay/indian food (i mean, ramen is all about the pork broth right…), but not to say there aren’t really good ones around, and so we decided to give it a chance anyway.

ramen. it tasted suspiciously like… maggiemee-ramen 加料. hahaha Pugs gave a face but it reminded me of… my childhood when my grandmother would whip up sth that tasted suspiciously similar when I was hungry before bed.

the salmon sashimi was not cut well and rather sinewy – but at least it was fresh.

prawn mentaiko and grilled garlic. This was my favourite of the night. Then again, anything with mentaiko is just good; and garlic is always good to me. It was decently grilled and fresh.

I had the yakitori bento set which I saw in a review online. The minced chicken, egg and rice tasted suspiciously like 卤肉饭 – it was okay. the grilled sticks were… okay only. can’t really complain but really nothing to shout about. it was very… okay and meh.

The Ramen Stall is located at 787 North Bridge Road, and is open from 5pm to 6am. I guess this is an okay place for decent supper food with aircon (and if you can find parking along the road). If the weather gets any hotter, I’d probably frequent this place a bit more, but for now, lau pa sat and punggol nasi lemak any day over this place.