I extracted my wisdom tooth a few weeks ago, and the day after my tooth came out, I had to get some errands done at International Plaza. Pugs, in his attempt to cheer me up, offered to buy me lunch HEHE. We wandered around International Plaza just before lunch hour trying to find a nice quiet place for lunch, and found Kan Sushi.

it was in a non-descript corner; but we turned out being very very very happy with our lunch.

sea urchins supposedly fresh from Japan – the jap guy even poked it to show us it was ALIVE. ugh.

They have lunch sets which are very reasonably priced, actually, considering the standard of the food.

all lunch sets come with the salad, soup and fruits.

Barachirashi Don ($18) This tasted much better than it looked. and suited my lack of ability to chew 😛 There was also ALOT ALOT ALOT of sashimi. like. ALOT. cannot finish.

Salmon Ikura Don ($18) – Pugs had the salmon ikura don, which I tried a bit of. This was also better than it looks in our very unflattering photo, and the fish was very fresh.

Everything was so good, that we decided to take a gamble and order the grilled huge tuna cheek ($28), which was a special recommendation written on the blackboard. The jap guy behind the sushi counter said that the tuna arrived in the morning that day and was very fresh (but huge, as he gesture with his hands).

Us, being the gluttons we are, shrugged and confirmed our order.

LOOK AT THE TUNA CHEEK. If we enjoyed our lunch, this was the best decision we made that day. NOM NOM. It was just the right texture, tender, very tasty and very very good. We finished ALL of it. on top of our lunch sets. which we also finished.

[no one eats like this one day after extracting their wisdom tooth i think. im such a pig.]