I had been wanting to try the HappyHour at Tanuki Raw for a while, since the museum at night openhouse thingy; and we finally managed to make a trip there a few days ago.

the tanuki that greets you at the entrance.


We ordered a cocktail which was quite nice, but unfortunately I can’t remember what it was 😦

With a cocktail, because it was Happy Hour, we managed to order 6 oysters at $2 each, and had a free beef slider. woohoo! We actually wanted the oysters, so we did a calculation and decided it was cheaper to order the cocktail and the oysters at the discount.

the cocktail.

the oysters were really fresh and good. We were quite happy with it.

beef slider – this was not bad too. (plus it was a freebie!)

we ordered an additional fried salmon skin ($5) – this was quite satisfactory and not too expensive really.

negitoro don ($18) – this was good. the negitoro (im sure wasn’t quite negitoro…) but it was good enough; soft and tasty and mixed really nicely with the egg and garlic chips and rice. nom nom.

foie gras truffle yakiniku ($23) – this was good too! Pugs was most envious at why my food is always better than his. The negitoro was good, but this was better. BUT i think the one from Babette is just very slightly better. Although I think the entire experience here, with the bright setting and sides etcetc were better.
This truffle yakiniku had more sauce and was tasty, but the beef was a beeet chewy.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable meal. I really enjoyed the setting, the food, how it was unhurried and quiet-ish and I would definitely be back for the happyhour again!