Immediately after my very disappointing experience at Ming Kee (again, DO NOT ever go there), I googled for Don Signature Crab as a quick fix to cheer myself up again. I used to go to Don for dinner sometimes when it was at China Square, and I was most sad when it moved. Yes, it used to be the same place that sold Don Pies, which also sold crab beehoon soup (or prawn noodle soup) for lunch and dinner.

I found out that it had moved to a kopitiam at Toa Payoh North and immediately demanded that Pugs drive us there.

We got there and I immediately ordered a bowl of crab bee hoon soup for S$20. So value for money. and So Satisfying.

We only took one photo because by this time i was irrationally grumps and Pugs was not going to stand between the only thing that was potentially about to cheer me up.

To be fair, the crab wasn’t of as good a quality as Ming Kee – could smell the fishiness slightly and the meat wasn’t as tender. But for S$20, who’s complaining.

The soup was very very flavourful, the crab came with lots of roe (nomnom), the beehoon was good and really, once again, for S$20 to satisfy my crab craving was definitely worth it.

The service from the uncle manning the stall was great too.

Was in much better mood after that.

And cos we went after dinnertime (thanks to lousy experience at Ming Kee), there was no queue, and i only waited maybe 10 minutes for this tumswarming bowl of claypot soup.