Before I extracted my wisdom tooth, I wanted to eat crab beehoon for my last meal (hurhur. so dramatic.) So Pugs suggested Ming Kee Live Seafood. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed 😦

When we went in at about 630pm, there was no one, the staff (mostly chinese) were hanging around, and there was a very strong SMELL in the restaurant.

i flipped open the menu and EVERYTHING was very EXPENSIVE.

we had this fried prawn roll. which was decidedly not good. there was a very strong stench in the meat which i really didn’t like. and it gave me the feeling of having been re-fried a couple of times.

this was not good too. The veg was old and chewy and we barely ate any of it.

and then finally came the crab beehoon. in all fairness, the crab beehoon was okay, although i was already very very grumpy and miserable from the whole experience. the crab was quite fresh (but i was incredibly upset that they told us after our food had came that they had no more female crabs although we were the FIRST PEOPLE in the restaurant and i really wanted crab roe). This was okay, slightly above average at best.

The meal came up to $160 or so if i didn’t remember wrongly, and one very very grumpy and inconsolable wolls. i really hate it when i spend good money on food and am left disappointed. bah.

maybe ming kee was good in its heyday, maybe they’ve outsourced the cooking or whatever, but it really isn’t worth going now. The whole time we were there, there was only one other table of customers, a family, definitely related to the owner of the place, celebrating some occasion.

I am never going back there again.