Pugs was coughing his lungs out for a few weeks and so we couldn’t go stuff our faces too much. As he started to recover, we decided to have frog porridge.

We had two flavours of frog legs, white pepper and ginger+spring onions.



i liked them both much. The white pepper one was very satisfying and peppery. I think Pugs preferred the ginger and spring onion one which was more flavourful.

coffee pork ribs. This was… okay only, acceptable, but nothing memorable.

铁板豆腐. This was okay too.

I will go back for the frog porridge – it was really very tums filling and warm and satisfying. rubstums. The froglegs are tasty and nice, even the porridge was a very nice texture and came piping hot. We had at least two bowls each and inhaled all the froglegs. whee.

If not for the fact that it is in a rather noisy part of Geylang where it is very difficult to find parking, and it’s hot and not airconditioned, I would definitely be back for supper all the time.