I saw reviews of The Naked Finn online, and was most excited to try how haemeetng (prawn noodles soup) for S$25.00 would taste. hehe. given that it was supposed to be “unpretentious” and “natural goodness”.

Over the weekend, I dragged Pugs and my parents there, hopping excitedly. (I was also eager to check out Gillman Barracks after all the news about the artist shops moving out due to low human traffic).

To my surprise, it was full (thankfully I had made a reservation – that empty table you see in the photo is ours heh).

My parents proceeded to scowl at the menu hurhurhur. They were most perplexed at how fish soup and haemeetng can cost so much money. And why people still flock here. hurhur.

these are sauces they provided for barramundi and prawn mee that we ordered. The prawn mee is supposedly unseasoned, unsalted, unsweetened, no msg whatever whatever. so you can add these condiments to your preference.

grilled squid. This was raved about by reviewers on foursquare – but we were all rather disappointed.

look at the burnt bits. My parents and Pugs were very horrified by how burnt it was. I understand slightly charred for taste, but these were… black.

barramundi. The fish was fresh – it is accompanied by chilled kangkong and chilled vermicelli. It was an interesting combination, but one in our opinion didn’t seem to go very well together. But I must say again that the barramundi was good, crispy skin, tender meat, nicely flavoured.

iberico pork – the pork was salty and hard and had this strong porky taste that i don’t really like.. (it went quite well with the sauces meant for the barramundi though!) (and Pugs did point out to me that pork that is imported generally has a stronger pork taste than what I’m used to here.)

beef burger. This was… okay lor. The fries was not bad, the burger was very very normal. I wouldn’t bother with this again.

and finally, the haemeetng. It was… normal. The soup tasted strongly of the sakura ebi (one of the many types of prawns they use to make the soup), but it was really, not spectacular. (not to say it was bad, but it was not memorable…)

Overall, it’s a nice place, lots of natural light, plant wall, and decent enough food, but i wouldn’t quite use ‘unpretentious’ to describe the place (Pugs and I agreed that any place that comes over to tell you they use prawns from x different countries and x different species is in itself pretentious…) and there really is quite alot of hype… The food is not bad per se, but it’s really (to us) not quite up to the standards we were expecting.


(and my parents snorted.)

and then we proceeded to Creamier down the road 🙂