I read about this cafe on ladyironchef and it sounded so interesting I had to drag Pugs along with me one day (and he’s the tech-y one, not me). So the concept is essentially that you ‘build’ the coffee you want, using RFID tags, which are… little blocks.

it is located outside paya lebar square; at the side of the taxi stand.

instructions are on the wall, pretty self explanatory.

depending on what you want, you pick the ‘block’ from the appropriate tray.

the end result; as you can see, Pugs and I had the exact same order, save that mine was a flat white and his was a cappuccino.

the eventual cup of coffee we got. we only took a photo of one because they looked essentially, identical.

In all honesty, while I’m not sure what i was expecting, I was slightly disappointed at what I got hurhur. I’m not really referring to the quality of the coffee, which was okay, nothing to rave about but no complaints at the same time; it’s just that… well i didn’t see the use of RFID or whatever at all; and the blocks could just be plain blocks, labelled clearly and combined onto a stick and then given to the waiter who then takes your order, including the random order number block that you take at the beginning (c.f. picture above, 11 and 34).

OH WELL – at least i satisfied my curiosity.