It’s been a while because we’ve been busy and I’ve been away…

So anyway, I’d been meaning to try the Daily Roundup for a while, ever since our staycation at New Majestic Hotel last year, really. but owell.

It so happens that we were at the Keong Saik festival thingy a couple of weekends ago (which was really quite a letdown but never mind) and needed a place to rest from the sweltering heat. Surprisingly, The Daily Roundup was open, crowded but not packed, and so we headed in for crepes.

coffee counter

nice, open and airy interior.

the buzzer for our food

hazelnut crepe which was really quite nom nom hehe. A bit too sweet though but nice.

Pugs’ iced tea that tasted suspiciously like cough syrup hurhur.

It was quite a pleasant experience, and a nice break from the heat and crowds – I will probably still try to come again for their brunch/proper food just to try it out.