Immediately after The Naked Finn, we headed a few steps down to Creamier for dessert.

Creamier’s first outlet is at Toa Payoh (which I have never tried because it’s tiny and exploding with people every weekend, but my parents have, on a random weekday afternoon).

this new(er) outlet at Gillman Barracks is also tiny but brightly lit with natural light, and actually has more seating outdoors.

mocha. Pugs and my mum had a latte each, and my dad had a black coffee, but we only took photos of this one cup (anyway they all look like… the way coffee should look).

hazelnut and green tea icecream, on top of waffles. It was okay – i quite liked the hazelnut icecream. The waffles were alright too (a bit sweet, but okay).

I won’t trek back to gillmanbarracks or queue at toapayoh for this, but u know, if I happened to be around, i wouldn’t mind having this again.