It’s been a while since we updated, largely because I’ve been in Sydney for the past few weeks. And so, from here on for a while, the following entries will be on the places we visited in Sydney, and the stuff we ate!

By way of background, Pugs only joined me towards the end of my stay, and so some of these places I visited alone, or with other friends/family.

We won’t be posting entries on the tourist attractions such as The Rocks Market, the NSW Art Gallery, the Sydney Opera House tour, and other too tourist-y things, but more of the life we led 🙂 We also went on the whale tour and all that, but because I spent enough time there to also try out everyday things and less tourist-y spots. So these, we will try to share, either in the form of single entries, or ‘day excursions’ as a nice way to spend a couple of hours; as well as a few less famous walking tours and all.

We may interrupt this from time to time with our usual escapades back in Singapore. hehe.