I was fortunate enough to be in Sydney during Vivid Sydney. Because it’s over and only recurs only once a year, I shall not harp on it here, but I am sharing here some photos of the Opera House, Customs House, Museum of Contemporary Arts and Botanic Gardens lights, for your enjoyment.

Vivid is held once a year in May/June, and I really recommend that you time your visit with this major event. It’s kinda like ilight@marina bay in Singapore, but better and much more large scale.

I thought this was fitting to start off the series of our Sydney escapades.

customs house, telling a story.

in between shows.

paint dripping from the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

and colourful ‘wallpaper’ being teared apart. I liked the MCA light installation best, the paint drip was incredibly 3D and realistic, so was this paper effect. It doesn’t quite come through in photos, but in real life, it was really quite amazing.

MCA from far.

sydney harbour bridge in rainbow colours.

and now of course, the opera house, bathed in a continuous light show throughout the night.

entering the botanic gardens.

cathedral of light

each light making up the cathedral is a flower and there are even different types of flowers. quite cool.

this was one of my favourite installations. light projected on trees, with different designs, and against the backdrop of the opera house.

I spent several evenings just wandering around Circular Quay, taking in the spectacular views and the crowds, and the general bustling vibe of the area.

You have to see it for yourself. There were also many other fringe activities held in conjunction with Vivid, and the entire city just felt like it came to life.